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Sabbath School for a New Generation

Among Seventh Day Adventists, Sabbath School is a time for discussion and learning. It is the belief of this site that Sabbath School should be an exciting venue for the discussion of new ideas, instead of rehashing old arguments. So welcome to a virtual Sabbath School, a Sabbath School for a new generation.

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I am an Electrical Engineer, working at Intel in the Portland area. I received my undergraduate degree from Walla Walla College and graduate degrees from the University of Southern California. The views expressed on this website are my own and do not reflect the viewpoints of anybody else. I reserve the right to change my mind at any point in time.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


One of my earliest memory as a child was going to the public library with my mother. I couldn't even read, but I enjoyed those trips. Ever since then, I have always loved libraries. Every town that I have lived in, I got a library card and visited the library frequently. I even worked at the Walla Walla College Library for a couple years while I was a student there. Now that I am coming to the end of my graduate studies, I have realized that I will really miss the library here at USC. They have at least five seperate libraries that are all bigger than the one at WWC and then several smaller libraries spread out through campus.

So I have checked out many books on such subjects as Science, Religion, Philosophy and Politics. Currently, I am starting a book by John Cobb called "Transforming Christianity and the World: A Way beyond Absolutism and Relativism." I chose the book because of the subtitle. As a post-Modern I am uncomfortable with Absolutism, but as a Christian I am uncomfortable with Relativism. So I can't wait to hear what he has to say on this subject.


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