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Friday, March 10, 2006

Assisted suicide and abortion

I found a good article about Oregon's death with dignity law on the Spectrum Magazine website. Scott LeMert, an assistant to the Oregon Conference President, ends his article with this thought.

... In retrospect, Oregon’s Death with Dignity vote appears to have been more a cry for help than a threat of mass communal suicide. The Master once said, "When I was sick you visited me"; might he have really meant, "and when I was dying you bravely took time to journey with me."

Perhaps it was said best by the dying Morrie Schwartz when on that last Tuesday his shallow voice requested of Mitch one last petition: "hold [me]." And then he added, "[you] touched me, [pause]…here [pointing to his heart]…this is how we say goodbye."

I think this relates to abortion. Christians are very good at judging and condemning women for getting an abortion. Christians are downright aweful when it comes to helping the mother and the child after the child was born. As Randi Rhodes puts it, "They love the fetus, but hate the child." The same people who are restricting access to abortions are the very same people who are trying to dismantle our social welfare system. When faced with a rhetorical question, "A building is on fire and you have the choice to save either a two year old child or a petry dish with a human embryo, which would you save?", a conservative radio host chose the embryo over the living child. Such attitudes appear in our church as well. At the one point where a woman needs the most help, we turn her away, because she's pregnant and single. We gossip and point and ostracize her. If the church is truely pro-life, we will do everything to help single mothers to raise their children. This is much more effective than trying to ban abortions, as many states are currently attempting.


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