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Sabbath School for a New Generation

Among Seventh Day Adventists, Sabbath School is a time for discussion and learning. It is the belief of this site that Sabbath School should be an exciting venue for the discussion of new ideas, instead of rehashing old arguments. So welcome to a virtual Sabbath School, a Sabbath School for a new generation.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

and you will be saved. This of course was Paul's answer to a jailor who asked, "What must I do to be saved?" (Acts 16). I was thinking about this at Vacation Bible School last Friday. The childern were learning about Paul and Silas overnight stay in prison. What does it mean to "believe in Jesus"? The answer most frequently heard among Evangelicals is that we must believe in a set of propositions. 1. That Jesus is the Son of God. 2. He died for our sins. 3. By his sacrifice we are saved. But this answer is only partially true. To believe in Jesus Christ is to trust him. Trust every aspect of his life on earth, including his teachings. Jesus preached compassion, but how often are we really compassionate to our fellow man. Jesus called us to action, but too often we are passive listeners. Anyway, I am challenging myself to be more compassionate and to do more for others.


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