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Sabbath School for a New Generation

Among Seventh Day Adventists, Sabbath School is a time for discussion and learning. It is the belief of this site that Sabbath School should be an exciting venue for the discussion of new ideas, instead of rehashing old arguments. So welcome to a virtual Sabbath School, a Sabbath School for a new generation.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This story makes me sick

A symbol of freedom from sin is manufactured in a Chinese sweatshop. Here is an alternate veiwpoint from the Catholic News Service. So what should happen next? Kernaghan of the National Labor Counsel (author of the report) says:

"Following a thorough investigation, St. Patrick's and Trinity should work together with the Association for Christian Retail to clean up the Junxingye factory in China and implement concrete steps to guarantee that the legal rights of the young workers will finally be respected," he said.

"Pulling production from the factory would only further punish these young women, who have suffered enough already," he added.